Dear Harlan Cemetery Association lot owner or friend of the Cemetery:


Many are not aware that the Harlan Cemetery (est. 1872) is a private entity run by a volunteer five-member board, and it is not owned by the City of Harlan. The Association is confronted with long-term expenses that include new concrete roadway, monument repairs and fencing -- all on a limited permanent-care budget.


During the past three years, the Cemetery Association has:

 • Replaced over 600’ of asphalt with a five-inch thick concrete roadway, removed brick pillars and installed fencing along the east entrance. These improvements were made thru bequests by former area residents Mr and Mrs Everett Atkinson, directly to the Cemetery Association.

 • Former Harlanites Dick and Barb Nelson donated funds for each of the three sculpted iron gate entrances and the Cemetery Foundation gave a $10,000 donation to help with the concrete roadway expansion.

 • A $5,000 donation from the Foundation helped install fence along the entire north and east sides of the cemetery.

 • An anonymous donor paid for 500 one-ton cement blocks to be installed as part of a new retaining wall system along Cyclone Ave., with more than 200 more blocks to be made and installed.

 • The Foundation donated $7,795 to purchase software from a Des Moines firm which will allow the Harlan Cemetery to be the first in Iowa to offer a web-based search of all its cemetery plots and burials. Anyone with a laptop, iPad or iPhone-like product will be able to find where their loved one is buried. The software also includes plot sales, burial permits and reports.

• The Foundation and Association are working on completing its HarlanCemetery.com website to allow users access to the cemetery plots and burials.


Consider a donation:

We would like you to consider a $35 - $50 - $75 - $100 or more tax-deductible gift to the Cemetery Foundation to honor families and other community members who are buried there. Enclosed please find a self-addressed envelope for your contribution. Each donor will receive a thank you letter as documentation of your tax-deductible gift.


Thank you again for helping us honor the memories of thousands of loved ones who are resting in the Harlan Cemetery.


Yours truly,

the Harlan Cemetery Foundation

Julienne Ferry - Allan Ickes - Seth Johannsen

Dick Jones  - Phyllis Lytle - Alan Mores - Bonnie Fiscus

Email: alanmores1401@gmail.com

Harlan Cemetery Foundation,

PO Box 543, Harlan, IA 51537-0543

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