This is a partial list of Cemetery Policies, contact the Secretary at 712-235-8888

 for more information.

 1. Funerals are allowed during daylight hours only. No burials permitted on Memorial

     Day or Christmas Day. Extra charges after 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays and all day on

     permitted Sundays and Holidays.

 2. More than one funeral on the same day will be at least an hour apart.

 3. All work in the Cemetery will cease during a funeral.

 4. All burials must have an approved vault.

 5. No grave openings until verified by the Secretary.

 6. There may be two burials per space if space permits. Scattering of ashes is not

     permitted. Burial of pets/pet ashes is not permitted.

 7. Contact the Secretary at least two days before a grave opening.

 8. Approved monuments and footings must be installed within one year of burial,

      in uniform lines at head of grave, under Cemetery supervision.

 9. Foot stones are not allowed.

10. VA markers may be installed as the only marker at the head of a grave, or attached

       to a monument at the head of a grave, or installed flush in the center of a grave.

11. Footings will have a minimum of 7" concrete wash around monument.

12. Spaces are 45" wide. A monument and footing on a single space cannot exceed

      45". (For example: a 31" granite monument, plus 7" wash on each side = 45")

13. All space sales will be verified by the Secretary before a deed is issued, and can

      only be purchased from the Cemetery Board.

14. The Cemetery does not buy back spaces, but will sell them for you.

15. No driving on grounds because of unmarked burials and to prevent damage to

      grounds, monuments, etc.

16. Those visiting the Cemetery or attending funerals may park only on the road.

17. Opening and closing graves and all other Cemetery work will be done during daylight hours only. All equipment will be removed from the Cemetery at the end of the day, except with approval.

18. No work other than grave opening/closing is allowed on Sundays, Holidays, or the Saturday-Sunday-Monday of the Memorial Day weekend.

19. Grave diggers, monument companies, and all others coming into the Cemetery will comply with all Rules and Regulations of the Harlan Cemetery.

20. Snowmobiles or large vehicles are not allowed without permission.

21. Pets are allowed only on a leash (clean-up is required).


Lot size 30 feet. Half lot is

15 feet. 45 inches to the space. Head of the grave is to the West, foot to the East. Number 1 through 8 starting from the North

Quick References

Articles of Incorporation: September 2,1872

By: Platt Wicks, H. C. Holcomb, M. H. Adams


First Board of Trustees:

H. S. Burke, James Long, George Couffer,

William Wyland & James Newby


Current Board of Trustees:

Don Stowe, President

Eldon Erickson, Secretary

Mickey Williams, Treasurer

Bill Early & Allan Ickes



Total Burials - 6,540

Spaces Sold - 10,300

Spaces for Sale - 2,000

Undeveloped Spaces - 3,200

Undeveloped Spaces on west hillside - unknown


Spaces not usable:

Trees, Bushes - 80

Water Lines - 30

Driveway Access - 80

Sun Dial - 24

Potters Field - 168


Current Fees on March 9, 2015:

Burial Space - $400

Open/Close Full Burial - $700

Oversize Full Burial - $850

Open/Close Infant or Ashes - $350

Ashes in approved monument - $350

Disinterment - $800

Transfer Deed - $25

Resell Spaces for owners  - 20% of the sale price

Flat or Wet-set Markers - $125

Footings (plus cost of footing) - $0.05 sq. in.

Burial after 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays or on

   permitted  Sundays or Holidays (add to above

   Burial Fees) - $150

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