Find your loved one’s burial location in the

Harlan Cemetery from your phone, tablet or computer.


    The Cemetery Assoc. has worked with NewCom Technologies, Des Moines, to be the first cemetery in Iowa to offer a GIS mapping interface which will allow the Harlan Cemetery visitors to find their loved one’s cemetery plots and burials in the Harlan Cemetery.

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   Anyone with a laptop, iPad or iPhone-like product will be able to find where their loved one is buried and it also can become a great genealogical research tool.


    NewCom’s vice president of business development said, “Harlan’s system becomes an important genealogical tool not only for finding burial information, but the system offers the Association a document management system.”

    “The software can offer family’s wanting to add to the history of their family and their loved a retention and retrieval system. It is capable of storing their obituary, family photos, birth certificates and any family history or documents they would want to share.”

    The software also includes plot sales, burial permits, updates burial information and comprehensive reports.

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